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Mehmet Hanifi and Aykut

Mehmet Hanifi and Aykut Zeytineli, who survived the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş on February 6, 2023, by being rescued from the rubble of their collapsed home in Antakya, Hatay, are now playing for the amateur football team Üniversite Evlerispor in Eskişehir, where they settled with their mother after losing their father.

Mehmet Hanifi, 25, is studying at the Osmangazi University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, while his 21-year-old brother Aykut is studying Tourism Management at Akdeniz University. Their father, Ahmet Zeytineli, a veteran footballer, had gone back to their hometown a few days before the earthquake after breaking his collarbone in a special tournament in Hatay.

During the earthquake in the early hours of February 6, 2023, the family was trapped in the rubble of their second-floor apartment in a 45-year-old building. Aykut and their mother managed to escape on their own, but Mehmet was rescued 36 hours later with the help of neighbors. After burying their father, the family moved to Eskişehir, where the brothers continue their studies and also play football for the team Üniversite Evlerispor.

Mehmet, who plays in midfield for Üniversite Evlerispor, had the following to say about the earthquake: “We were all trapped in the rubble. My father was with me when the building collapsed. My brother and mother were thrown in different directions. They managed to escape a few hours after the first earthquake, but I was trapped with my father for 36 hours. My brother brought me milk and water from the nearby school canteen. After being rescued, I spent 3 months in intensive care at the Ankara Bilkent City Hospital and underwent 9 surgeries on my left arm. Now, I continue to play football as a way to ease our pain.”

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Aykut added that he had gone back to Hatay to be with his father after starting his studies in Antalya but returned home when his father got injured before the earthquake. He also emphasized his belief that their team will become champions and promote to the Super Amateur League.

The brothers expressed their commitment to the team and their passion for football, which they see as a way to ease their pain after the tragic events they experienced. They also hope for support for Mehmet’s upcoming muscle transplant surgery for his fully recovery.

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